Life long learner. Eight years young developing as a student, writer, speaker, musician, thinker, connector, humanitarian, photographer, athlete, entrepreneur, painter, poet, youth ambassador, wellness advocate... Pursuing a life of joy and purpose.

"What do I know a lot about? I don't know because I just got here to this world. I'm not proficient in anything yet" - B!

"Now that I can answer, how to add humor into my writing. So many things, optical illusions, how fans work, how the mind works, there's a lot I want to learn so I would say I need help with everything" - B!

"That's hard because I've received a lot of good advice. Be polite, don't stand on the furniture, understand time and place, diversify what you watch read and listen to..." - B!

"I admire my Mom most because she is a great role model for me as I am becoming a woman." - B!

"That's interesting, what do they mean by superpower? Because I'm young, I absorb information well and I apply it to serve and impact young people" - B!

"Design because I like art so I would try to stay in that realm" - B!

"It can be anything right? I would say advice I've been given and lessons I've learned" - B!

"Kindness, that's a big one. Yeah that's what I would teach young people" - B!

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