I am trainer and coach for teams and individuals looking to do more good work. My unique parallel career paths as an organizational executive and as a stage improviser allow me to coach from the intersection of exploration and execution--helping people think with more creativity and act with more focus so that they can do their most impactful work.

Getting Things Done, Improv, Bacon Jam

Biz development, social media, positioning.

Everything is temporary. Take time to appreciate when things are good--it's temporary. Breathe deep when things are rough--it's temporary.

Anybody who makes regular practice of doing things that make them uncomfortable. And people who are really good at giving genuine insightful compliments.

Spotting road-side wildlife on road trips.


The script I needed to recite when answering the phone at Little Caesars Pizza. (My first job when I was 15.)

How to tie a figure-eight knot. One of the easiest and most useful knots ever.


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