Community minded global citizen working at the intersection of marketing and technology. I love bringing people together to share, learn, create and connect.

Although I come from a predominantly hospitality and events background, I’ve transitioned into the tech sector and most recently, content marketing. So now the focus of my day is helping brands connect with their communities and fans online through the content they produce. I work for a small San Fran based startup, which is unique in it’s transparent and remote work culture.

I’m always keen to make new friends - people I can share a meal with; enjoy the amazing arts and culture London offers; or get out of the hustle and bustle to get my hike, yoga or travel on.

Or hit me up if you want to find out more about why User Generate Content is the way forward to connect with you community OR what it’s really like working a a remote employee for a SF tech start up.

relocating and finding your tribe or building communities

minimalism - in words and pictures

Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe.

disruptors; those who follow their dreams and those willing to challenge the status quo. Live your life!

Resourceful and calm in the face of the storm


to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward

something to nourish their belly

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