Hi !

I’m Aurélien, 39 years old.

I have several interests in life :

3D, Architecture, Design, New technology, Photography, Self improvement, DiY, Cooking, Biology / Science, Traveling, Music, Reading, Art in general, Psychology, PC community, Aikido, Running.

I really enjoy spending a third of my free time digging for news about innovation, green technology, architecture, 3D/2D art... on the web !

I gladly share my discoveries and knowledge and always want to learn new things. This means that you and me can learn from each other.

As a part of the «makers» community, I’m a DiY person. I love to add my creativity to a team’s effort. This explains why I became a Graphic Designer for a Social Media project and why I worked with a scientist to prototype a water purification device.

I worked remotely with Parisian agencies when not living in France: one year in Quebec (Canada) and one in New Zealand. This enabled me to improve my English and broaden my experience. Now I’m living in Sweden, anticipating the discovery of another culture.

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