One day, back when I was a little child, I grabbed a Japanese magazine and flipped open a page and immediately I was captivated by the magic and beauty of the photograph and the graphics, filling the whole two pages advertising a brand's product. That was the moment where I thought, when I grow up, I want to be taking part in the creative industry actually making stuff. I wanted to build knowledge and want to make this my lifetime career, so I decided to study at Griffith university participating in a course called "Bachelor of animation", majoring in art direction field (Had a bit of influence by Miyazaki at that time).

I am currently a student, in a senior level and keeping my skills up to date, but I am happily available to take part in freelance enquiries or other projects.

I have a mix Japanese nationality, so I know quite a lot about their culture and people's essence.

Pretty much how should I start my journey in order to become a real professional.

  • "It's important about how well you know about the tools, but it's more like how clever you use it." - "Don't consider about becoming famous or make a lot of money, only consider doing good work and then it will come later."

Bartending or write picture books!

Probably teach a small exercise that trains your creative thinking skills from the book I've read. Go out for a walk, take a photograph of an object and try see the ordinary as extraordinary.

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