As a specialist recruiter in the MarComms industry and with hundreds of portfolios and CV's crossing my desk - the creativity I see on a daily basis, never fails to inspire! I set up our agency's first Asian offices in June 2011 and have been constantly amazed by the warmth of reception I've received since arriving. It's been so good, we've now set up in HK. Covering the packaging, retail, interior and digital design areas as well as branding and advertising roles has meant we can be more innovative in our thinking when suggesting solutions for our candidates and clients. Drop me a line for a confidential chat!

Recruitment into the glorious creative and marketing industries (at least I hope I do by now - It's been nearly 10 years!).

Finding new and fabulous candidates and finding my existing superstars jobs with brilliant companies.

Accept that you can't be perfect. It's impossible and no-one else is!

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