Gil is the Creative Director at Day One Media, a company that elevates brands and produces moving design, images and video to tell your story. Day One works with corporate brands including Loblaw, Deloitte, Air Canada, and ATB. Gil manages a busy team of 4 marketing professionals by day and is an avid outdoors guy, dad of a teen girl, and an MRU instructor of video production the rest of the time. Sharing and helping others succeed is a way of life for Gil. Day One Media is an official sponsor of Creative Mornings Calgary, and also a sponsor of the Calgary Marketing Association.

Connecting with many different kinds of people. Then connecting those people to each other. And finding out what matters to them. Then hearing and sharing stories.

Bookkeeping. Taxes. Finance. Yeah you get it, numbers.

Find your purpose. Then focus with laser-intensity.

Jesus Christ. Supernatural strength, incredible humility and sacrifice.

I pray for people. And then weird stuff happens. Like, good stuff.

Teaching media, film. Or maybe an adventure guide.

Encouraging people.

How to step out of your comfort zone.

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