Life can often be summed up few phrases and or statements. Occasionally, we come across words that help incapsulate the theory of our individual universe. What I've discovered is this: content is more important than punctuation. Then there's this gem: You were riding on a llama through El Salvador and the Dali Lama was on one side and Salvador Dali was on the other. Salvador Dali spoke in one ear and said, "Let the beauty you love, be what you do." Then the Dali Lama whispered in your other ear, "Give your ego to God and serve those in need."

Writing, education, event planning, social, and cultural issues.

Honing my talents to a particular passion or occupation.

Proof of faith is trust in provenance.

Michelle Obama. She is a strong, black woman.

I can do almost anything. ;)

Work for charities or non-profits.

The importance of compassion.

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