I am a (very) small business owner but hoping to grow over the next several months. I started a social impact brand based on education about conscious consumerism. I host a blog and an online shop as well as do pop ups around town to tell the stories of women who are rising above oppressive situations. The shop sells handmade items that empower these women to thrive in their communities. I love traveling and learning about different cultures, which is what led to me starting SHC! I have a background in film photography and the special education realm. I enjoy networking with other creatives and having dinner parties. If you would like to collaborate on a project that gives back, I want to meet you!

Human trafficking, autism, using creativity as a means of healing.

Graphic design and marketing

"When people tell you that you can't, just keep going. It doesn't matter what they think; you know what you're capable of. Just keep doing your thing."

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