Helping Leaders Lead, Thinkers Think & Humanity Awaken From Our Too Small Dreams. Let's Do Something Real Here...

The mythological heroic journey - both that of the hero and the heroine (and note, they are not the same, though any person can and will journey through both). I also know how to create significant social change on a shoestring budget; teach 10,000 people online at once; sell a red dress, get into flow states; mentoring leaders at the top of their game to go even further (or endure downward seasons); write, pitch, sell and publish fiction and non-fiction books; live with both hustle and heart; and how to touch them where it hurts (selling to pain points).

I'm always up for introductions! People make the world go round.

You don't have to change the world. Doing your part on your corner of the block is plenty, and more than most will attempt.

Anyone who stands up to be counted. It's brave. It's beautiful. It's both personally and globally relevant.

I'm an alchemist who actually knows what that REALLY means.

Anything I have not tried yet.

Someone's story.

How the voice inside your head can be turned from demon to ally.

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