I am a licensed architect in Ohio with 10 years professional experience. I've worked on high profile projects receiving international recognition. My project experience has covered the gamut, from large commercial projects, master planning, federally funded low income housing, historic renovations, small office renovations, residential, medical facilities, churches, schools, libraries, and branding design. I pursue a rigorous design practice which evaluates client goals, site, and program to develop site specific design solutions which are both timeless and contemporary. I believe that no two projects are alike and attempt to eliminate elements of style to create functional works of art which exhibit clear spatial intent. I believe that our lives have become consumed and overwhelmed by everyday objects, leaving very little space for contemplation. My work organizes space, clearing a place for our thoughts, life, work and the landscape around us.

I enjoy taking on any design challenge which evades the status quo.

Architectural detailing, computation / BIM modeling, rendering, and design.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Steve Jobs for his insatiable desire to create and make things better.


Yoga instructor

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