I am a full-stack software developer and Theatre-Maker/Actor. My passion, drive and curiosity are really at the heart of what I bring to the table. As a queer woman of color I am extremely passionate about diversity within the tech/theatre communities.

I love learning new technologies, working collaboratively, and dreaming about how to tackle issues in our community through code. Software Development: https://alexramirezdecruz.com/ and Acting: https://www.alexleighramirez.com/

Theatre and coding and how these two worlds COLLIDE!

Working on creating/building up my tech community as well as tech-arts community cross-over. Even though I may seem VERY extroverted, I am a closeted introvert, so please introduce yourself and let's be friends!

"___ is hard, don't look for someone or something to blame for how hard it is." When I heard this advice it was specific to coding, but I have found that it applies to SO MUCH, and really you can insert whatever you want into that blank.

Impossible question for me to answer, I am crazy inspired by new and different people on a daily basis.

Hula hooping and embroidery

Now that I am equally passionate about both my careers, I do not have a back up!

Lines, ALL THE LINES! Thankfully, I can usually cram them in pretty quickly!

Theatre skills/tools for empathy and collaboration!

I have a special GIF library of GIF's I have created, ask me to see it sometime...

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