architecture graduate form Croatia, recently moved to Finland. On a mission to become a great architect!

architecture, music, chocolate

finding an job/internship in an architecture office

When you are walking down the street and see a shit on your way you don't step in it, do you, instead you overstep it an move on. That's what you should do on your life path too.

there is a huge list but in general people who are passionate about their work, strive to learn and evolve and also people who use their skills to improve other lives. People who shine and make you want to grow. Rural Studio, Shigeru Ban, Peter Zumthor, tattoers like Grime or Freddy Corbin, Jamie Oliver and the "Two Greedy Italians"...

my secret playlist of "happy songs"

open a chocolate shop/bar :-)

how to tie a few useful knots

So what does this solitary, anti social experience mean for our fantasy lives? I think, how we consume porn has changed our relationship to it. And because it's ubiquity it's much easier to treat it purely as a tool, a trigger and not much more. And as triggers, I don't think we really... If you are just going to something as a trigger, I don't think it needs to be of a particularly good quality. I think you just need a provocative framework that kind of does it for you... And I'm just talking from a personal experience.