Dr. Adrianne Rochelle Pinkney is the founder of B. Well: Live Consciously, an integrative wellness and life coaching service that offers individual coaching, group coaching, corporate training, wellness retreats, and motivational speaking. She inspires others to consciously create loving lives that work! Dr. Pinkney specializes in Integrative Wellness, Mindfulness, Career coaching, Codependency, Family and Relationship Issues, Men and Women of Color, Bullying, Difficult Teens, and Body Image and Health. Dr. Pinkney has graduated from some of Georgia’s finest schools including Spelman College, the University of Georgia, and Emory University, where she completed her doctoral studies. She is an Ambassador for the Integrative Wellness Academy and promotes whole-life wellness to all. As a coach, she encourages, “Conscious creation through conscious choice.” Adrianne enjoys reading, traveling, eating ice cream and leafy greens (not together), hosting dinner parties, giving and receiving hugs, and doing what she wants.

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