I help people to connect with themselves, get unstuck and enjoy their life to the full. I am certified by Tony Robbins' school Strategic Intervention Coach. I am a happy woman, mum and wife and passionate Women's Life Strategist who'll deal with your life experience in a straightforward, humorous and educational way to take your health, self confidence and beliefs, relationship and career to the next level. I will guide you and teach you how you can keep it simple and create the life you will enjoy to the full :-)

self development, communication and relationship building skills, soft skills, confidence, self esteem, happy relationship, family, life happiness, success and fulfillment.

creating an online course, learning Slovenian language and find people who needs me in Slovenia and all over the world :-)

You CAN create your life!

I admire honesty and passion, true friendship and enjoying simple things.

Intuition, connection with people and creativity in finding solution to what they need to take their health, relationships, career and self beliefs to the next level <3

Training and Life Coaching. But I have also 14 years of experiences as a receptionist, personal assistant, office manager.

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