I am a high-calibre graphic designer who enjoys translating robust brand strategy into compelling design solutions.

I am an experienced mid to senior level designer and have worked across many client industries. I’ve designed compelling solutions for a broad range of iconic clients including the New Zealand International Film Festival, The University of Auckland Business School, and Fly Buys.

I consider myself an experienced designer with crafty hands, an original perspective and an abundance of fresh design ideas. I have the capacity to think strategically and develop a good idea into pragmatic and inspirational design solutions. I will extract a gem of an idea from a brief and explore it, striving to deliver transformative business outcomes that are also visually captivating.

My passion lies in discovery – learning about and understanding my clients so I can deliver to their business and brand goals.

branding. I know how to unpick and translate great brand strategy into compelling brand design.

creative exploring. Its always helpful to have peers, coworkers, and art directors providing a second set of eyes to look at a project, especially once you have become too attached.

Think like a child. Don't be limited by your own expectations and perceived roadblocks that come from learning as an adult, children have the capacity to fly to the moon and back on a unicorn so why cant we do the same for creative work.

Ian Wharton of AKQA. His insights into design thinking have helped unlock a greater capacity in myself to think creatively and find solutions well outside of what I thought possible.

I can do full lunging yoga binds. I spent a month in south america doing yoga and become zen with myself.

Coffee drinker. Im sure I can find someone, somewhere to pay me to drink coffee daily.

Handstands in the sand.

A little of the Maori language from New Zealand (where I'm from). Its a very elegant and totally interpretational language which makes it slightly complex yet interesting.

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