hi there :) I am here to get off my computer and meet people IRL: "more eye contact, less screens" is my motto for 2020. I live in capitol hill and work in redmond, where I hire designers & user researchers across Microsoft.

getting connected with local design talent.

let your curiosity lead the way.

right now it's tiffany haddish. I listened to an interview where she spoke of all the hardship she's faced in her life, but through it all she just wanted to brighten other peoples days. I admire her grit and outlook on life.

asking good questions + connecting people. oftentimes after meeting someone, I'll say "do you know X? can I set you two up for coffee?" and that connection will end up turning into something meaningful, like a job offer or marriage proposal (not kidding). I am skilled at reading people and helping to facilitate their next life chapter, whether personal or professional.


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