Illustrator, in love with nature, books, animals, arts, chocolate & delicious food. My family consist of my husband a pair of wonderful dogs and two very special cats, they are my source of energy.

I am not a savant in any subject, but I do know myself very well, I know a bit of classical literature, old school anime, cats and dogs, stamp carving, of course traditional illustration techniques, cooking, baking and eating all kinds of delicious food.

Mostly my social skills I am a hardcore introvert.

Always be kind to others

People in general who take action to make and leave a better world for humans, animals and our planet. And as an illustrator I find Vincent Van Gogh as an inspiration, he produced so much work and never stopped doing what he loved despite never becoming a success in life.

I can make myself invisible

Scuba diver or tattoo artist

The lyrics to Strange fruit

How to make buttermilk pancakes

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