Anna Louise Jiongco is a multimedia artist, professional photographer, mixed media/collage artist, and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, and is represented by 24seven Talent Agency and Creative Spotlights, both based in New York City. She contributes as a photographer for the art and fashion magazine Beautiful Savage and recently became a contract photographer with NBC Universal Inc.

Anna Louise Jiongco specializes in beauty/fashion, portraits, look books, events and weddings, fitness & lifestyle, documentary, e-commerce/product photography and fine art. Currently, she is branching into more editorial work. She also does a lot of drawing and mixed media work as well exhibits photography and art at galleries, art spaces, venues, museums, and commercial spaces throughout Canada and U.S.A.

Outside of her profession, she is down to rock n' roll or bust out some footwork on the dance floor!

too many things. i love trivia nights for these reasons and should graduate to be featured on jeopardy one day.

finding sustainable work/life balance between.

don't give up on your dreams and you have to gain trust in yourself if you really want to make your dreams come true.

truthfully myself. sometimes I don't know how i managed to get out of bed and rock this world out. but really my father. he is a true success story and my dedication to my hustle, my drive, and work ethic all came from him. he is my #1 fan!

sixth sense detecting spirits and energy, spectrum of color analysis even in darkness, flying in my dreams, traveling the uncloaked layers of our reality.

art and design educator or professor. which i did, which i recently left to pursue photography and art full-time only. hip hop hooray!

what i ate for dessert.

how to draw.

anything that has a puppy in it will forever get me. panda bears and polar bears. cute and strange animals doing awesome things basically.