Hey! I'm Annalisa Coleman: Digital Marketer, Web Designer, & Amazon Best-selling Author :)

I help small business owners to market + grow their business using social media. For the last 5+ years, entrepreuers, bloggers, and influencers have trusted me to develop digital marketing strategies that turn their followers into loyal customers.

My clients have seen major results, ranging from consistent 4-figure months to being featured in major publications, and even booking amazing speaking gigs! I'm here to help you build an empire that slays and claim your freedom for good!

Fun Facts About Me: I'm a multi-passionate creative being, writer, and entrepreneur. Louisville, KY native madly in love with Coffee. I'm also a mompreneur of one brilliant boy child 🤗

Social Media Marketing, Business Planning, Market Research and HTML/Design. I'm no genius or expert but I love the learning process and so I'm continuing to build/learn in all my skill sets, all the time.

Speaking publicly, the introvert in me sometimes freaks out with I need to speak for large groups.

Corporate Business Analyst