After bouncing around the world and learning two other languages I finally settled down in Columbus, OH...mainly for the pizza-to-human ratio.

With copywriting I can work on my super secret mission: inspiring and forging connections through intentional empathy.

making your website sing to the tune of your ideal client, writing About Pages that convert, crafting your brand messaging, and making micro-brews from stuff I find in the woods

figuring out how to fix the leak in my kitchen sink

Always lead with compassion

Octavia Butler - not only is she is an incredible writer, but she tells the future with her imagination and moves people to action.

walking through walls, but only next to open doors

artisan bread baker, micro-brewer, or forest farmer...or all three...

Almost all the words to Rent and how to bake a simple loaf of french bread

How to sit in silence and listen

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