namecards, flyers for nitch market, company logos and Malaysian noodles (mee)

almost everything, frankly. I especially need someone to do accounting for me. i cannot use excel...

serious side: one message in a simple way on single communicaiton. fun side: pick always someone looks good upon hiring. never practised it though...

currently Yo Santosa from Ferroconcrete in LA and Adam Lisagor from Sandwich Video. why? they are actually doing what I would like to do in a way I want.

foresee the future. not 100% kidding. but not about myself. such a pity.

worked @ Toppan printing which is one of the biggest print companies in the world and then @ IKEA as a marketing and graphic person

don't understand the question. sorry...

the earth is round, NOT always. its up to you if you want to twist it


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