Hi, my name is Angeleigh; I am a visual designer, martial art enthusiast and self-learning addict in the city of Seattle. Currently looking to move from sub-contracting, to full-time. Let's chat!

How to remove the cornea from the eyeball (My past career was in medicine). Oh, and Visual Design.

Motion Graphics! Or just meeting for an informational interview - I am an information sponge.

Be an information sponge.

People who are realistic about their privilege, the human condition, their strengths and their weaknesses.

Facilitating. I am the gap that you didn't know you needed, that can connect you to the thing you are seeking.

My previous career -- medicine.

How to check your pulse in 5 places.

How to throw a proper punch. (I have been doing various martial arts/ self defense for 5 years)

Mine! The one on my homepage! (It's some-what hidden, can you spot it??) Angeleighguy.com

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