Self-taught illustrator & current visual designer. I love branding, animation, hand-made type, video games, and lending a helping hand.

being myself and doing: my best, what I can do, can’t do, and what can possibly help.

3D work, hyperrealism, abstract work, and packaging design. I sometimes need help with the occasional recipe here and there.

Keep going. Pressure makes diamonds, but diamonds don’t form overnight.

I like to think of myself as a decent punsmith and somehow staying bubbly + functional after staying up all night.🤘

If I wasn't in design, I would fall back into storyboard artist or concept illustration. Being an artist in some way is all I ever wanted to be, though if I had to start over and go for another industry, I would love to be an astrophysicist, a video game tester, or maybe a professional ramen connoisseur. Mmm. Food.

The finale of Silicon Valley. That show sometimes felt like a documentary and I find that and Gilfoyle very interesting.

The ASL signs for sea turtle and platypus. Those are my favorite signs to make.

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