Angela is a lifestyle brand photographer and videographer in a constant state of wanderlust. As a self-proclaimed Girl Friday, she thrives on connecting with female entrepreneurs and crafting their visual brand through confidence building headshots, product photography, and brand videos. In addition to traveling as often as she can, she enjoys binging the Great British Baking Show, indulging in Irish coffees, and taking part of group sing-a-longs.

Approaching new people and starting a conversation. I can be kind of shy and inside my own head.

Know what you're worth and never settle for less.

Sounds cheesy but, my Mom is a remarkable lady and she wholeheartedly supports every silly idea that pops in my head.

I can pick up on funky vibes and am pretty good at reading people. Be real and we will be friends ;)

I'm kind of in-to-win-it at this point, but I would honestly love to teach someday.

Proper squat position, haha! I do like to work out to improve the way my body functions and I believe someone knowing how to properly squat down and pick something up from the ground would improve their quality of life drastically.

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