Doing theater since I was 16. Started writing at 18, because of theater. Bewildered but trying to understand and find meaning. Accepting that sometimes there is no meaning. Sometimes It just is. And that's fine with me. Learning to let go. Trying to laugh. Or at least cope by putting on a brave and sincere smile... I understood the importance of silence. Always learning. On a journey, not caring about the destination. A traveler. Theater and writing are my means of travel to new worlds, within and without.

Literature, history, theater, art and people in general. And also football, I know a lot about football :)

Finding the beauty in life. Can't do it on my own.

Be strong!

My grandfather - because of the magical way in which he told stories.

Insight and pancakes.

Project management.

My wife's and my daughter's faces.

I would teach silence.

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