Hi, my name is Andrea. I like exploring the world and experience new things in life. I have a strong focus on not just making the world more beautiful by creating beautiful designs but by designing based on the perfect concept. I love photography. I love to experiment with new things. I like the opportunity to see new places and meet nice people while being influenced by all my surroundings. I like to personalize my designs. I like to be challenged. I love being passionate about my work. I like the amazing smell of books. I get my inspiration by people that love what they do. I like handmade stuff and the analog work. I am thankful for being able to do, what I love. It feels like a journey that is just beginning and I am excited about the following steps.

cooking, sunshine, laughing, food, medicine, books, ...

learning a new language .. Japanese maybe? Anyone?

the greatest thing you will ever learn is how to love and how to be loved in return.

Sebastiao Salgado - in my opinion one of the best photographers Ive ever seen.

I can fly. (not only in my dreams, but down the stairs)

working as a chef or teaching kids

my 3rd birthday cake it was a lady bug

how to make a great coffee. (coffee is important)