Psicóloga clínica, orientadora y terapeuta familiar. Se graduó como Sexóloga de la universidad de Curtin University of Technology en Perth, Australia. Desde hace varios años cuenta con un consultorio privado, y realiza entrevistas para diversos medio de comunicación con el objetivo de educar más a la sociedad acerca de la sexualidad. Actualmente, Andrea se encuentra investigando acerca de la discapacidad y sexualidad en Guatemala.

Aesthetics, art and creativity

Finance and numbers

We need to let go of what we thought we should be in order to become who we are

My grandpa is the person I admire the most. To be honest there are many reasons, but the most important one is that he is the person that thought me that failure is learning and that caring about people is the key to success. When he was little his father died and he had to take care of his whole family and ever since that moment he has worked really hard everyday to become the person he is today. Not only he is a great entrepreneur, and the reason I want to be one, but mostly he is the most amazing person I have ever met.

Talking :) it helps me connect with people

Currently I'm studying Entrepreneurship, and I like to believe that if this career doesn't work as planned I have learned enough to launch a career in Arts. More specially in painting and photography, and who knows maybe someday I get to publish my book.

I'm a child of God and that He is always there for me

If you only do the things you can do, you will never become more than what you are right now.

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