I am an entrepreneur. I started my own company “Adeco” 15 years ago. Adeco is a well-established business in the industry of interior design products; we are constantly innovating and offering great new products that can meet our customer’s needs and aspirations. My partners and I are committed not only in offering the very best quality in our products, but also on adding value and beauty to their ideas. (www.adeco.com.gt ) Being passionate about adding value, two years ago I decided to learn and experience myself in a different field, which is the field of coaching. I wanted to help myself and have a better understanding of life, in order to be able to help others. I took a graduated in Educational Coaching from UVG University; and this year I achieved a certification in Multidimensional Coaching. (ICF program) For the past two years, I’ve been sharing information, insights and learned experiences by giving workshops about transformative knowledge, creativity and personal growth in order to help people find meaning and purpose. I came to understand the importance of collective knowledge by the connections and growth people have in these workshops. At the end, the benefits we all get from the stories we share, are priceless. I strongly believe in the project of creative mornings because I have seen the transformative effects, such as inspiration and emotional-experiential contagion that is created when hearing the story of a person who courageously has shared their work with the world.

administración, inteligencia emocional, crecimiento personal, coaching, elaborar contenido para talleres,buscar idea, buscar videos, imágenes que trasmitan el concepto, crear ejercicios ejemplos para practicar el concepto, planeación, estrategia

la cocina, el ingles, la ortografía, las ventas

No desperdiciar nuestra energía en el pasado o el futuro, porque solo tenemos una energía que debe servirnos para vivir el presente.

A las personas que viven felices, que saben disfrutar las cosas sencillas, que no pierden su capacidad de asombro y curiosidad ante la vida. Que viven entusiasmadas con su vida y participan de ella con gozo y gratitud. Ejemplos de personas que viven con esa filosofía: mi papa, mis soulmates, Jeny, Karina.

Facilitar ( información, ideas, proyectos, soluciones, enfoques, visiones, sueños)

Lic. Administración de empresas, coach educativa, coach multidimensional.

El apapacho de mi papa.