Interior designer, online shopkeeper, and blogger. Bouncing between Amen {Inspired} Design, Amen Domestics, and The Domestic Dispatch Blog. More coffee, please.

Creating mindfully designed, livable + beautiful spaces that tell the stories of those who inhabit them.

Figuring out how to balance it all!

Be yourself; everyone else is taken.

Professionally: Interior decorator Lauren Liess. She's absolutely one of the best designers/decorators in the industry right now, who started her business out of her home, built her brand, and now her amazing work is all over the place. I have so much respect for how far she's come and how she's stayed true to her aesthetic the whole time. Also, her husband works for her. And she has three kids. Total boss. Personally: My Grandpa.

Applying the functions of photoshop to real-life objects and spaces. (I wish.)

Professional bang-trimmer. That's it though. No full haircuts. And definitely no color.

Pattern mixing / color balance.

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