In my twenty somethings trying to enjoy this time in life, being married before kids. I am hoping to go full time with my photography business in 2016, and greatly improve relationships with my clients this year. I love time spent with friends, family or my husband and sometimes an evening alone drinking tea and catching up in my journal or on my latest session. I love traveling, hot chocolate, my Nikon babies & glass, scarves, driving, not having back pain, decorating, entertaining, sweaters & baggy lounge pants. I live for Jesus and try to keep things as simple as they come.

Photography, my husband, organizing, thrift stores, where to find the cheapest anything.

Dinner ideas & doing my hair.

Drink more water.

My parents and my pastor. They always seem to have the best advice, and know most of the answers.

My curly hair.

A housewife

The United States in alphabetical order

The cup song

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