I worked in the publishing industry for 17 years, which included training in Graphic Reproduction then working as a Finished Artist for an Advertising Agency onto Designing for a Design Agency. Currently refreshing my skills, with a keen interest and focus on Design.

Well...I know a little about a lot of things, but I suppose I know a lot about print production as I was employed as an apprentice for a large Brisbane printing company, and continued working for the company for 10 years.

Fine-tuning my organisational skills.

Know where you're from. And always be yourself.

Joanna Lumely. I love the fictional character Patsy Stone, so carefree and irresponsible, not the slightest care about consequence, that she plays. In reality Joanna is an admirable female creative, with a long spanning career, also working as a human rights activist and advocate, I think that is extremely admirable.

Stealth, going under the radar.

Adventure Tourism.

Cooking times for poaching an egg perfectly and the time per kilogram for meat. And temperatures for different meats to be cooked. Converting plain flour to self raising flour. Mmm spend quite a lot of time cooking it seems.

Finger knitting.

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