I run a non-profit coffeehouse in Downtown Omaha. Our purpose is to create a safe place for all people to connect, find a friendly face, great coffee, and wonderful conversation.

Jesus and Coffee.

Waking up in the morning!

There is a space between our expectations, and reality. It's called disappointment. The key is trying to expect reality, so there is no room for disappointment.

I most admire my close group of friends. They each have different strengths and struggles, but together find a way to speak into my life and help lead me in my life journey.

Finding the truth in people's lies.

I think my career is what I make it. I have so many side passions. I don't see my life as just one job or thing to do... my life is a journey that I will continue to discover.

What people are wearing and what they say. I think it's due to me being a visual and auditory learner.

How to pull a great espresso shot. :)