Hi, I am an artist and printmaker living in Cardiff. I currently balance producing handmade prints and objects with bringing up my two young boys.

Not matter how hard I try I always seem to end up drawing animals, so over time that has made me pretty good at it. I like creating colourful images aimed at a younger/young-at-heart market.

Promoting myself. I am rubbish at getting out and about meeting people.

"Pets win prizes" if all else fails just draw dogs in human clothes because that stuff will always sell.

I admire anybody who can completely embody their work and own it. Currently my favoutites are illustrators Ingela P. Arrhenius and Ellen Giggenbach. They make me think that if you are going to do it, do it 100%.

My ability to remember wifi passwords.

If drawing dogs in hats fails then I would have to work in a stationery shop. Can't get enough of the smell of pencils.

How to draw an elephant (hat optional)

Creating simple animals in adobe illustrator.

I love anything by Rob Hodgson. Check out some of his gifs and illustraions at www.robhodgson.com.

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