I am a nonprofit professional seeking to improve my local community and ensure equal and just rights for all. I am the Community Manager of D-Well, a coliving space in the DTLV that houses changemakers; people that are community-driven and want to live and collaborate together. I am looking to create a positive impact in the community through partnerships with local artists, businesses and nonprofits in the hope that this will lead to fruitful collaborations and sustainable growth in the community. I am also an arts and culture enthusiast and avid proponent of the local arts scene in Las Vegas. I satiate my artistic side through volunteer opportunities, such as serving a docent at the Neon Museum and performing in several Spanish-speaking social justice-driven plays at the Winchester Cultural Center.

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Always surround yourself by people smarter and more creative than you. You'll never stop learning.

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I would tell them about local gems in Las Vegas.

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