Experience Designer & Producer. Creating experiences that you cannot wait to tell somebody about is what I am constantly dreaming up. I love making people look twice...at what was previously ordinary - big and complex into simple and gorgeous. Travel, my next delicious taste bud explosion and design that rocks fuels my quiet revolution of events that inspire wonder.

How to shift someone from "Irrational" to "Inspired".

Co-creating experiences which are current, relevant and bursting with effervescence.

Everything is PERSONAL. If someone says "its not personal, its just business", they are just about to do something that is unfair, unethical and not in your best interest and they will be doing it all with the cognition that it will ruin the relationship you think you have with them...its all personal.

I remind people who they are.

One pot cooking | Bicycle Culinary Tour Guide | Creating Order out of Chaos...OCD may have something to do with this | Selling Fruit Smoothies on a Tropical Beach somewhere and showing my sun worshipping customers the Underwater Garden hidden beneath the surf after.

Movies with gorgeous | mind bogglingly sublime imagery and a big dose of whimsy - "What Dreams May Come" | the first 5 minutes of "Up" and "Wally" sucks you in and tugs at your heart strings without uttering a single word. Blows me away every time - humanity's ability to harness such awe inspiring creativity and humility to make wonderful an alternate reality that you just wanna step into...I'm also a sucker for remembering great credits treatment and trailers (yes, really) - check this one out...its about a Gigolo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-iyFxjIRLY

How to get out of a choke-hold. I know...very Lara Croft ;)

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