I am from Brookyn, NY and just moved to Amsterdam Oct 1 with my husband. I have worked in the past as a creative director of a hotel brand, as well as an interior design company. I have my own small business AL Stampa in which I offer design services, letterpress wedding/event invitation or promotional materials, look-book art direction and design, as well as all other branding needs.

Letterpress, design, paper, dance, old movies, solomon burke

networking in Amsterdam, Freelance opportunities here

To just leap into the life you want and figure the rest out later ... also "Nothing will work unless you do" - maya angelou ...

People who make a difference ... whether for a large group of people or just by being kind to one.

Making people laugh

There is no backup! I feel like if I have a backup I am already planning to fail at my dream.

Names of old movies, you're very strange detail you told me years ago ... and oil paint color names :)

A mean stirfry.