Hey, how are ya? My name is Alonnika and it is my absolute pleasure to meet and greet you once a month as one of CreativeMornings Gothenburg’s High Fivers-in-Chief. I’m also an aspiring copywriter and an achieved klutz. What do you aspire to be, fellow Creative? Feel free to tap me on the shoulder anytime and tell me about your marvelous and ridiculous endeavors! Weird jokes and weirder dreams are also welcome.

Feminism, Hamlet, cartoons, Dax Igen, the ukulele, Lisa Kudrow, volleyball, children's books and Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Remembering to do things before I feel ready.

Ask every question.

My grandmother Elsa, because she's a hilarious and loving genius who knows so many languages that she occasionally forgets which one she's speaking.

I'm killer at any sport with a net in the middle!

Math professor slash weather reporter slash president slash astronomer.

Tänk vilken glädje man har av musiken by Gunwer Bergkvist and everyone's shoes.

I would teach them to play three chords on the ukulele!

The one where SpongeBob kisses Squidward goodnight.