In a world wide web full of influencers and ads galore, it’s easy to lose sight of your true identity. That’s where I come in. I help you connect to your genuine voice and translate your core values into digital language.

Through solid strategic work and playful content creation, we will take your digital media presence to the next level. Are you ready to stop chasing virality and start adding true value?

This is where «content first» is more than just a winged word. This is where what you have is enough - because true truth doesn’t need sugarcoating. It’s amazing what happens when you stick to your purpose.

Asking the big questions (why? what's the point?), fixing it in the mix (best possible outcome on low budgets).

Finding my purpose.

Own it.

Brené Brown. If you know, then you know why.

Inability to lie.

Coach or public speaker.

Lyrics to all my favorite 90ies songs.

Your choice of handstand, meditation or hugs.