Prime-time Emmy winning Animator, Allyssa A Lewis, is also a Recruiter and Consultant most noted for her animation on over 75 episodes and promos of FX's Emmy winning series "Archer". She has also produced content for NBC's "30 Rock", i am OTHER, Animation Domination, Apple, ComicCon San Diego, and Captain Planet's Planeteer Movement.

As the Founder and Executive Director of Georgia's first animation resource and staffing agency, My Animation Life (MAL), she primarily focuses on connecting artists in the animation pipeline with clients. Creating Georgia's most inclusive animation map, calendar, and classified listing are just a few of the popular assets MAL provides to strengthen Georgia's animation industry.

Lewis is the Animation Director of re:imagine/ATL where she works to connect youth with resources and mentorships to amplify their voices through media. She sits on the Board of Directors for ASIFA South, one of the largest international animation societies in the southeastern United States, and is a judge for The EMMY® Awards.

Although born in Brooklyn, New York, she has spent the last two decades expanding her creative reach in Atlanta, Georgia, where she uses her BFA in animation from Savannah College of Art Design - Atlanta toward experimental animation and mixed media illustration. Currently she is animating on her comical short series "Life As Molly".

The animation industry is the center of my universe! Ask me anything pertaining to the animation pipeline, and how you can bring a project to life. I house a database of nearly 2000 artists (animators, vfx, script writing, voice, illustration, etc.), so let me know your talent needs.

UX Design and Project Management

How to brew a good cup of tea. It's really an art, and I can quickly teach you how.

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