Joshua David ( a.k.a. AllOfTheChill ) is a photographer & song writer from New York. After spending 7 years in Japan honing his mental acuteness he made his voyage back to the U.S., lived in Seattle for a few months & caught a greyhound from the west to east coast where he landed in Pittsburgh, unpacking his bags in the "City of Steel", beginning his journey to usher in an artistically edifying renaissance. His primary forte in the field of photography is Portraits & Lifestyle where he employs the aesthetics of urban settings &/or nature settings. He would call his style Candidly Staged if he believed in labels and his craft has no boundaries.

His body is made of organic cells and astral light and his soul the storms of Saturn. His life ambition is simply to inspire people to inspire and lead productive lives outside the norm....and maybe to manifest a polaroid with never ending film.

Common sense

Sugar Coating

Never take advice

Bruce Lee


International Nomad

Japanese Kanji

How to question the majority

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