I believe that everyone has something they are meant to create in the world. I founded my firm, Mind Into Matter, to help people to discover their inner source of drive and motivation, and then use entrepreneurial tools to live from that place. I lead workshops, coach one-on-one, and teach as an adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland’s Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. I also teach with General Assembly, Linktank and various other outlets around DC. I got my start in 2007 by cofounding weBike, a station-less college bike sharing system. I've worked at the Entrepreneur's Organization and Netcito, learning the leadership journey for entrepreneurs, and I am a humbled member of the One/Thousand family for young, creative leaders around the world.

Design Thinking; startups; great cafes in DC; mentorship; biking; building processes & platforms; inspiring people; personal development; emotional intelligence; mindfulness

creating my brand and deeply understanding who my tribe is

Go after what you believe in and the money will figure itself out.

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