Ali is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who recently relocated to the Seattle area. Before starting her west coast chapter, Ali was living and working on the east coast in both NYC and New Hampshire for documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and his teams on a variety of projects. Most recently, she worked as the Assistant Producer and Assistant Editor on Ken's two hour film on the history of the Mayo Clinic, airing nationally on PBS fall of 2018. Before that, she was part of the archival research team for his emmy nominated, 6 hour series Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies on the history of cancer research. Ali is currently Co-Producing a independent feature length documentary on a 80 year old gentleman who is pursuing his dream of circumnavigating the globe after spending 40 years building his sailboat by hand under communist rule in Czechoslovakia. Ali's work has taken her into surgical amphitheaters documenting open heart surgeries, photographing alpaca farms in rural Maine, to meeting and photographing the Dalai Lama during a private interview session, to digging through archive houses full of history's most cherished mementos. Ali is available for producing and shooting video and photography projects.

Documentary photography, archival producing for documentaries, field producing for documentaries, health, fine art photography, post production for documentaries

I"m new to the Seattle area, and I could use help finding media work in the city or freelance work I can travel to from here.


Honestly, I have other interests but it always comes back to the documentary field as my profession. Its always been my vocation and I don't see myself ever allowing that to change.

How to dance

The creative process for developing a project/story with photography.

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