Hi, I’m Aline, a product designer focused on UX. Currently a UX designer student at RED Academy. Mainly driven by a passion for digital products and coding, I strive to improve and optimize products practicing effective and functional user experience design. I really enjoy collaborating with developers and learning about what's possible and the best way to do things where design and code meet. I like strategizing with the team and planning our tasks and making sure we stay on the right track to reach our goals when creating end-to-end solutions for the customer experience.

collaborating with developers and leading a design team to get shit done

finding time to read all of the books I want to read

"do go in thinking about what you will be doing, go thinking about why you are doing it"

my partner, because he can stand someone like me 24/7

getting songs stuck on people's head

fitness coach

when a piece of food ended up under an appliance on the counter and I haven't cleaned it

how to do a handstand

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