Hello! I'm Alicia Waters Binkley, creative lady extraordinaire, living & dreaming in Nashville, TN. I take pride in using my creativity to bring people more joy. Growing up in the Smoky Mountains surrounded by family, friends & some of the most generous people I know, I picked up the passion to want others to feel loved and connected. Along with co-founding & hosting CreativeMornings Nashville, I co-run M.I.D. Goods, and add my fingerprint to various projects in tech and design.

Getting shit done.

Asking for money for labors of love.

"You can be anything you want" - mom

The women in my family, b/c they made me the stubborn passionate person I am today.

Knowing the perfect time for ice cream.

Never had one... Flower Farmer? or maybe that's just what I'll be when I'm older.

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it." — Simon Sinek

How to make a bug illustration out of your name (the one thing I remember from elementary school)