My main job is running my co-founded video production company High Tide. I also work as a freelancer helping out on other organisations' film and advert productions. I am a board member at Creative & Cultural Skills which aims to give young people opportunities to work and learn in the creative industries. Supporting people in the creative industries is something I am really passionate about and I'm a great believer in events like CreativeMornings that offer a fantastic environment for people to get to know each other. I also run a music channel Edinburgh Unplugged which provides a space for musicians and filmmakers to create high quality content together!

Excel and microsoft word... apparently.

Understanding bad jokes.

Aim high but enjoy all the steps along the way as much as possible.

Anyone who has started their own business and has carried on when times get tough.

I can touch my nose with my tongue... not sure if that counts?

Ice cream taster (preferably for Ben and Jerry's).

A very strange amount of birthdays of people I don't know hugely well.

play 'heart and soul' duet on the piano.