Alexander Neff is a copywriter, designer, and illustrator. He is currently acting as a co-host and photographer of CreativeMornings Vancouver FieldTrips. Alexander is the founder of Drawing Thanks—a daily portrait series focused on highlighting amazing people who inspire and influence on both local and global scales. The individuals featured in his portrait series range from movers and shakers across the globe to the friendly faces of his hometown, Vancouver. When he isn’t drawing inspiring people in his community, Alexander can be found at the Railway Stage & Beer Cafe, advocating for local music as Director of Community engagement for Locals Lounge. Alexander is currently working on his first book, Drawing Thanks: Convene. Through a series of interviews, stories, and portraiture, this book explores the roles of creative Vancouverites who are cultivating and empowering their communities through their creative practices.

Community building, portraiture, and pursuing passion projects!

Finding inspiring creatives! I am always on the lookout for new stories to tell.

Just show up.

People who empower others through their passions. I think that is magic.

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