My names Alexa freaking Glazer but you can call me "the livin' the dream girl …" I am the author of the book Livin’ the dream … today because tomorrow is not promised, a speaker, a difference maker in a world of followers, a storyteller, a game changer, and a one day world conqueror. My why is humans. It’s people and connections. I do what I do because of the light bulb moments. I live for magic, the type of magic created by storytelling and fearless hearts. The mission is to remind people that you have to do more than just exist. You have to be fearlessly Y O U no matter how scary that is. You have to be Y O U in a world where everyone wants to be somebody that they aren’t. You have to color outside the lines and own it, wholeheartedly.

Heartbreak which led me to empathy, chips and salsa and taking big, scary, curious, nobody else quite understands risks.

Slowing down and not spreading myself to thinly.

To chase my dreams but not my Ketel. This taught me consistency and that not all things in life are worth chasing no matter how hard they are going down (like Ketel 1).

My dad. He's my angel in the outfield and my life long hero. He taught me how to live the dream, how to live my life, for me all while helping and touching everyone I can in the process. He was one of those people who was too big of a person for this world and lit up a room when he walked into it. I strive to be half the person he was.


No such thing as backup, I have learned that if you want something bad enough you will do anything and everything you can to make it happen. That's where I am at.

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