I grew up in Missouri. After I finished gradual school, I had a bad day and moved to Seattle. I studied anthropology and got my degrees in community development/healthcare. The campus mainframe declared me dead three days into my freshman year, and after I got that straightened out I swore I'd never touch a computer as long as I lived. And now I'm a Web developer. Clearly not a fortuneteller. I live in White Center with my wife and son. Our house is run by two cats.

finding strength in ADHD. Finding coffee. Seeing more than one perspective. Figuring stuff out. Understanding what drives people.

relaxing. Not thinking about things. Having more time in my days.

Never eat at a restaurant that revolves. Or one called "Mom's."

Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall, Mireya Mayor, Nelson Mandela, and Wile E. Coyote. They're all really smart, and they never gave up.

I'm a divergent thinker. I see things differently from most people.

With the skills I have, teaching. If I could do something new, iOS development.

Good stories.

Some good jokes, so they'd be able to pass on laughs after my five minutes were up. Or time travel, so I'd have more time to teach them something.