Dallas>Philly>Boston>Brooklyn Hello! I am interested in a broad range of topics including college chaplaincy, ethnic studies, constructionism (learning through making) and relationship ethics - and very curious about how they all intersect. I joined the CreativeMornings team in July 2019 and I am passionate about community building, creativity, interpersonal wellbeing, my dog Jack Charles, and glitter. I love to not only make things (alexakutler.com), but also support others in pursuing their creative dreams.

Making lots of drafts of things, supporting young people in times of transition, helping people manifest their creative aspirations.

Manifesting my own creative aspirations!

You don't have to do everything all at once.

My mom! At 65 years old she got her PhD and is pursuing a whole new career now.

Patience. Also finding parking anywhere and parallel parking.


I have a fairly intuitive sense of direction,

How to harmonize!

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